Web Development

I consider myself a hobbyist web developer, if not more than that. I’ve spent a good amount of effort learning some computer languages and, in the process, I have gained much respect for people who develop software and develop the web. This knowledge is so specialized, and each project really becomes a niche area of software and web development.

The people who develop software and the web are really special people, in my opinion. It takes so much patience to learn the vast amount of knowledge that is available to learn. It takes a keen sense to learn which path is worth learning about.

My most recent learning venture has been to update my knowledge of Javascript. There have been updates to the language since I first dabbled in the language. ES6 and newer updates such as classes, promises, chaining, importing, let, const, etc. The language is such a cool language to learn. Now-a-days you can build anything with JS… native OS programs included.

Of course, if you don’t want to reinvent the wheel, it could be worth choosing a library or framework to work with – or build your own libraries… This, I haven’t done yet. I’ve just been learning good ‘ole vanilla JS… and it is awesome. I, however, would like to choose frameworks to work with… though which ones? There are so many! What is your opinion… which frameworks & libraries do you use and like?

Well, as far as web & software development goes, I’m going to keep on truckin’ with hopes that one day I will actually build something valuable and worthwhile to people.

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