A Health Kick

Starting this Monday, for a duration of three months – until January 7, 2020, I plan on starting to exercise five days a week. A health kick. My goal is to increase overall wellness. To improve circulation, to gain strength, and decrease fat.

My exercise routines are to be organized such as: Monday: Cardio, Tuesday: Abs, Wednesday: Chest / Back, Thursday: Arms, and Friday: Legs.

The exercises I am planning on doing will be mostly bodyweight though I might include weighted workouts. Cardio exercise will be jogging, though distance is not a goal. I will probably keep it under a mile each jogging session. Besides cardio, I will do three sets of each exercise with however many repetitions as is comfortable.

Diet and supplement-wise I will work on muscle recovery through protein drinks, BCAAs, and ZMA. I also am going to work on eating healthy, especially to include vegetables in my diet and limiting processed sugars.

The exercises need not be advanced. Just one or two simple exercises a day.

I feel that taking these steps could be a great benefit to health and wellness.

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