The Aim of Yoga

There are various forms of Yoga through which to attain universal consciousness, or oneness with the Supreme Being. Yoga is a science by which the individual approaches truth. The aim of all Yoga practice is to achieve truth wherein the individual soul identifies itself with the supreme soul or God. To achieve this, it has […]

St. Anthony’s Sermon

By Walter Thornbury I.St. Anthony in his holy zealCame to the river side,To preach to the little fisheson the wickedness of pride.II.The kingfisher was divingDown from the willow-stump;The swallows gay were skimmingOver the osier-clump;III.The bulrushes were noddingIn an assenting way,The water-flags were wadingOut from each shallow bay;IV.As the saint in his long brown mantleDown through […]

Culinary Meanderings: Tacos

Gosh, I love tacos. To clarify, I really love tacos. There are many different kinds of tacos. Recently I’ve been narrowing down my preferences, and the more I narrow down my tastes, the more I broaden my knowledge of this very subject and find that there are really a ton of different types of tacos. […]