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Renewable energy

Net Zero Carbon Emissions

After hearing about the global protest against inaction on climate change, I decided to look into the topic of net zero carbon emissions.

Essentially, the goal of net zero carbon emissions would be met through using only renewable energy production such as solar and wind power.

It just makes sense, clean energy is the future.

In my opinion, a smart start to implementation of net zero carbon emissions might include a push towards a residential solar energy plan throughout the nation and world. This plan might make residential *grid-connected* solar systems extra-affordable through incentives and credits.

Commercial incentives or tax breaks might be an extra reason to switch to renewable energy. Amazon’s pledge to go renewable or Walmart’s sustainability goal could serve as a model for other commercial entities.

Net zero carbon emissions for the individual household or commercial entity is possible, so it is reasonable to take the steps to make a cleaner earth and air. Our future has spoken.