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I Wish

I wish good things upon you.

I wish you are happy and content.

I wish you love, purpose, and satisfaction.

I wish that gentle kindness is always given to you.

I wish you success.

I wish you good health.

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Beauty and Solitude

“Beauty is the illumination of your soul.”

“There is a wonderful welcome within. Meister Eckhart illuminates this point. He says that there is a place in the soul that neither space nor time nor flesh can touch. This is the eternal place within us. It would be a lovely gift to yourself to go there often — to be nourished, strengthened, and renewed. The deepest things that you need are not elsewhere. They are here and now in that circle of your own soul. Real friendship and holiness enable a person to frequently visit the hearth of his solitude; this benediction invites an approach to others in their blessedness.”

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“Words are mightier than the sword.”

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The Moon’s Wisdom

All too often we are human
who explore / look / search to find ourselves.
This place of being we say it’s good / okay / true, when we’ve found ourselves.
And when we haven’t yet seen our true mirror, what do we call that place of being?
Some days I wish I could ask the moon to let me in on what it knows.
Because the moon reflects the sun, only then could I know the nature of day.

Spiritual Writing

Freedom, Nirvana, Truth

To introduce the three-point entrance to this itself---
Realize past mind as trackless, clear, and void,
Future mind as unproduced and new,
And present awareness as staying natural, uncontrived.
Thus knowing time in its very ordinary way.
When you nakedly regard yourself,
Your looking is transparent, nothing to be seen.
This is naked, immediate, clear intelligence,
It is clear voidness with nothing established.
Purity of clarity-voidness nonduality;
Not permanent, free of any intrinsic status,
Not annihilated, bright and distinct,
Not a unity, multidiscerning clarity,
Without plurality, indivisible, one in taste,
Not derivative, self-aware, it is this very reality.
This and that. Writing

The Infinite

I contemplate the infinite
The world is so
   complex yet simple
I ask
   how does one understand the vast and many mysteries
The simple things. 

Little Men

“Let him be a mechanic if he likes,” said Mr. Bhaer. “Give a boy a trade, and he is independent. Work is wholesome, and whatever talent these lads possess, be it for poetry or ploughing, it shall be cultivated and made useful to them if possible.”


Warrior’s Mind

One who is supposed to be a warrior considers it his foremost concern to keep death in mind at all times, every day and every night, from the morning of New Year’s Day through the night of New Year’s Eve.

As long as you keep death in mind at all times, you will also fulfill the ways of loyalty and familial duty. You will also avoid myriad evils and calamities, you will be physically sound and healthy, and you will live a long life. What is more, your character will improve and your virtue will grow.

Here are the reasons for that. All human life is likened to evening dew and morning frost, considered something quite fragile and ephemeral. While this is so of all people’s lives, the life of the warrior is particularly precarious.

If people comfort their minds with the assumption that they will live a long time, something might happen, because they think they will have forever to do their work… they may fail to perform.

But if you realize that the life that is here today is not certain on the morrow, you will have the sense that this may be the last time — so you become truly attentive.


Cheery Ideals

"A noble and attractive every-day bearing comes from goodness, 
unselfishness, sincerity, and refinement,
and these are bred in years not in moments."

"It was only a glad 'good morning' 
As she passed along the way,
But it spread the morning's glory
Over the livelong day."
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Words, varied and fancy
Delightful, loving and embracing
Comforting and kind and sweet
I wish to give to you
If only I could
To the earth and sky and stars
To the heavens above
Creatures below
One and all
In the spirit of giving;
Words - comforting and kind and sweet.